WhatsApp is updating its Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. Here’s Everything You Should Know🤔

Vinay Kumar

6 months, 3 weeks ago

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Facebook owned messaging service WhatsApp updated its terms of service and privacy policy regarding how the platform behaves with third-party integration, including Facebook’s own. The major changes is pertaining to the sharing of WhatsApp data with Facebook’s other services like Messenger, Instagram and the Facebook App of course.

The new policy looks to go into effect from February 8 this year and all iPhone and Android users are getting a pop-up notifying them about this change. WhatsApp notes that users must agree to these terms to continue using the app.



Sharing of data with Facebook under WhatsApp New Terms & Privacy Policy

As per updated WhatsApp privacy policy data collected by the company have access to your transactional and payment data(if you use the payment service), your app usage(including name, and display pictures of your WhatsApp groups), data on how you interact with other users as well as businesses while using WhatsApp services, information about the device the app is installed on, device’s IP address, data also includes your location.
Here is an extracted image from the new privacy policy, the data that WhatsApp collects -



What if you choose not to agree with the new WhatsApp Privacy Policies?

It’s definitely alarming seeing the sheer amount of data WhatsApp plans on collecting and sharing with its parent company. And we already know what Facebook does with our data. Sadly, the company informed users that if you do not wish to accept the new terms and privacy policy, you will no longer be permitted to use WhatsApp with an option to delete your accounts.



As like say, there is nothing is free in this world, and if an app is really free, you’re not the user of the app, you’re the product.


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